After Hours Clinic Tampa

Is There an After Hours Clinic in Tampa, FL, That Offers Diagnostic Services?

Fast Track Urgent Care Center’s after hours clinic in Tampa, FL, helps people get first-class treatment without having to deal with the many headaches associated with the emergency room. We offer many of the same services that you can find at the hospital, including X-rays, lab draws, and other diagnostic exams. The only difference is that our services are far more affordable and convenient, and our care is much more personal.

The services at Fast Track Urgent Care Center are only suitable for those who are over three months of age and are suffering from non-life-threatening conditions. So, if you or a loved one needs treatment for an allergic reaction, bronchitis, laceration, or minor abrasion, we offer the perfect healthcare solution. Our board-certified providers are highly trained and will provide you with an unrushed and thorough examination. If it is needed, we will even help you set up an appointment with a specialist. In fact, we do not consider our job finished until we have seen your treatment through to the end.

Of course, our after hours clinic holds extended hours to make it as easy as possible for patient to access our quality care. We are open every day, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., so you do not need to worry about missing work or school when you require treatment. Plus, our health clinic is fully staffed, allowing us to keep appointment times short – approximately 30 to 60 minutes – while still maintaining the highest standard of care.

If you would like treatment at an after hours clinic in Tampa, FL, where the medial professionals are passionate about your care, visit Fast Track Urgent Care Center. To save time, sign in for your appointment right now using our Fast Pass System.