Attention Athletes: What To Expect During Your Sports Physical

Preparing for a new sports season often involves more than just practicing your skills and gathering the right gear. It also means ensuring you are physically prepared to take on the challenges of your chosen sport. At TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track, we understand the importance of quick, easy, affordable, comprehensive sports physicals. With compassionate care across our 19+ walk-in clinic locations in the greater Tampa Bay area, we are here to ensure you stay healthy and safe before, during, and after your sports season.

What is a Sports Physical?

A sports physical, also known as a pre-participation physical examination (PPE), is a medical exam designed to determine whether it’s safe for an individual to participate in a particular sport. These physical examinations are typically required for athletes before they join a sports team and are crucial for several reasons:

  • Injury Prevention: Sports physicals help to identify underlying health issues that might predispose an athlete to injuries.
  • Safety: Ensures an athlete is healthy enough to participate safely in sports activities.
  • Performance: Helps to understand the athlete’s physical condition and how it can be improved or modified for health and safety.
  • Compliance: Florida schools and many sports leagues require a sports physical before an athlete can participate in a sports program.

How to Prepare for a Sports Physical

Preparing for a sports physical does not need to be a stressful process. By completing the following steps, you can ensure your sports physical is a smooth and convenient examination.

  1. Bring Necessary Documents: Please bring all required forms from your school or sports organization, a list of current medications, and any relevant previous medical reports. This information will help our providers complete any necessary records in a timely manner.
  2. Understand Your Medical History: Knowing your medical history, including past illnesses, surgeries, and injuries, is essential for any physical examination, including sports physicals.
  3. Wear Comfortable Clothing: Wear loose-fitting and breathable clothing for maximum comfort during your examination.
  4. Stay Hydrated and Eat a Light Meal: Before your sports physical, stay well-hydrated and eat a light meal or snack to ensure your comfort.

What to Expect During a Sports Physical

Discussion of Medical History

  • Family History of Serious Illness: Our provider will ask about any family history of serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, or genetic disorders.
  • Past and Present Illnesses: Any past, current, or chronic illnesses must be disclosed during your sports physical examination.
  • Allergies: Disclosing any allergies or reactions to medications, foods, or other substances is vital information for our providers to collect.
  • Past Injuries: Our providers will ask about any previous injuries, such as fractures, sprains, or concussions.
  • Previous Surgeries and Hospitalizations: Sharing information on past surgeries or hospital stays must be mentioned, as they can impact your ability to participate in sports safely.
  • Past and Present Prescription Medications: Some medications can affect physical performance, so you must provide all medicines you take or have taken recently.

Physical Examination

  • Measuring Height and Weight: These measurements are recorded to track your growth and development effectively.
  • Checking Pulse and Blood Pressure: Knowing these numbers will help to ensure your heart and circulatory system are functioning correctly.
  • Eye Exam: An eye exam to check your vision can reveal if corrective lenses are needed.
  • Evaluating the Condition of the Heart, Lungs, and Throat: A general examination will be conducted to listen and feel for any irregularities.
  • Checking Strength and Flexibility of the Extremities: This portion of the exam evaluates your muscles and joints’ strength, flexibility, and overall health.
  • Neurologic Exam: Basic neurological tests will be conducted to check reflexes and nervous system health.
  • Additional Exam Elements: Our provider may include additional exam components depending on your medical history and specific health needs.

Scheduling a Sports Physical with TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track

TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track, offers numerous locations across the greater Tampa Bay area, making your sports physical an easy requirement to complete. With over 19+ walk-in clinics, you can expect quick, affordable, and compassionate care at every TGH Urgent Care facility. Each location is staffed with experienced healthcare professionals ready to ensure you are fit and ready for your sports season. If you’d like to reduce your wait time once you arrive, sign in using our On My Way system before your visit.

Why Choose TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track?

Choosing TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track for your sports physical means choosing quality and convenience every time you visit us. At TGH Urgent Care, you are ensured:

  • Accessibility: With multiple locations, you’re never too far from a convenient clinic.
  • Experienced Staff: Our healthcare providers have extensive experience conducting healthcare examinations, including sports physicals.
  • Comprehensive Care: We offer many urgent care services beyond sports physicals to meet your and your family’s immediate healthcare needs.
  • Convenient Hours: Many of our clinics are open for extended hours, including evenings and weekends, to ensure you receive medical attention when needed.
  • No Appointment Necessary: TGH Urgent Care does not offer appointments. However, you can sign in in advance using our On My Way system. Walk-ins are welcome, making it easy to fit a sports physical into your busy schedule.

Preparing for the upcoming sports season is an exciting time filled with anticipation and preparation. One essential step you want to consider is your sports physical. It’s more than just a requirement: it’s a way to ensure you’re in the best shape to perform and prevent potential injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Physicals

Florida State requires all student-athletes to receive a sports physical examination every 365 days. Sports physicals are essential for children as they help identify potential health issues, prevent unnecessary injuries, and provide peace of mind for students and parents alike.

During a sports physical, our healthcare provider will review medical history and perform a physical examination, which includes but is not limited to checking vital signs, evaluating the heart and lungs, and assessing musculoskeletal health. The goal of a sports physical is to identify any conditions that might impact and affect the ability to participate safely in sports.

The benefits of sports physicals include early detection of potentially hazardous health issues, preventative care for minor injuries and illnesses, and personalized advice on maintaining and improving health.

To ensure your sports physical goes smoothly, please bring the following items:

  • Identification: A form of ID, such as a driver’s license, will be requested.
  • Medical Forms: Any medical forms your school or sports league requires for sports participation.
  • Medical History Information: Details of your medical history, including previous illnesses, surgeries, and current medications.
  • Insurance Information and Payment: Please bring your health insurance card, if applicable, or additional forms of payment to your exam.

Why Wait? Get Your Sports Physical Today!

At TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track, we make the process of getting any health examination seamless and straightforward. With over 19 convenient walk-in clinic locations across the greater Tampa Bay area, you can easily find a clinic near you. Our dedicated and compassionate team is here to help you navigate your healthcare, including your necessary sports physical.

Make sure you’re physically ready before the season starts. Visit one of our convenient locations today and get your sports physical done quickly and confidently. Click here to find the nearest TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track Clinic. Let’s make this sports season your healthiest season yet!


The blogs presented by TGH Urgent Care in partnership with Fast Track are not a replacement for medical care and are exclusively intended for educational purposes. The content provided here should not be construed as medical guidance. If you are encountering any symptoms, we strongly recommend that you seek an appointment with a duly qualified medical practitioner at our nearest facility.

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