Health Services Carrollwood

Is There A Clinic That Offers Comprehensive Health Services in Carrollwood, FL?

For busy people suffering from non-life-threatening conditions, finding health services that are comprehensive and convenient in Carrollwood, Florida, can seem like a hassle. After all, it can take days or even weeks to get an appointment with a primary care physician, and visiting the hospital with a non-emergency condition will often mean extensive wait times and unreasonable costs. However, at Fast Track Urgent Care Center, busy professionals, students, and families can get high-quality treatment for their minor to moderate injuries and illnesses in a convenient manner that works best with their schedules.

At Fast Track Urgent Care Center, the health services that we offer to Carrollwood, FL, patients are truly comprehensive. Whether you or a loved one is suffering from an acute illness, such as a strep throat, or a sudden injury, such as a laceration, you can rely on our board-certified medical professionals to provide the highest standard of care. We even offer a range of in-house diagnostic services, including EKGs, X-rays, and more, which saves you the trouble of having to make an additional appointment at an offsite facility.

Additionally, our health services are exceptionally easy to access. You will not have to worry about missing work or school to get the treatment you require because our office is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Visit Fast Track Urgent Care Center in Carrollwood, FL, today to receive health services from experienced medical professionals who truly care about your well-being. If you would like to potentially reduce or eliminate your wait time, sign in now with our Fast Pass System.