Healthcare Clinic Carrollwood FL

Is there a Healthcare Clinic in Carrollwood, FL, With Board-Certified Medical Professionals?

Visiting a healthcare clinic in Carrollwood, Florida, instead of the emergency room when you are suffering from a non-life-threatening injury or illness may be the best decision. This is because you won’t have to deal with the long wait times and high prices of the hospital. However, nothing is more important than ensuring that you receive high-quality care from experienced medical professionals, which is why Fast Track Urgent Care Center is the premier walk in clinic serving the residents of Carrollwood, FL, and the surrounding areas.

The board-certified medical professionals at Fast Track Urgent Care Center have extensive experience treating a wide range of minor to moderate medical conditions, such as strep throats, ear infections, lacerations, and bone fractures. Additionally, we can perform many procedures and diagnostic tests at our healthcare clinic that are similar to those you would receive at the hospital. For example, we offer X-rays, lab draws, laceration repair, splinting, and much more, all performed by compassionate professionals in a relaxed, personalized setting.

Our medical services are not only comprehensive, but also easy to access. Our healthcare clinic is open every day of the week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., allowing you to visit, with or without an appointment, whenever the need arises.

Though Fast Track Urgent Care Center gladly accepts walk-in patients, those who wish to save time at our healthcare clinic in Carrollwood, FL, can sign in for their appointment now using our Fast Pass System to reduce or eliminate their wait times.