Immediate Care San Antonio FL

Is There an Immediate Care Center Near San Antonio, FL, That Provides Diagnostic Services?

If you are in need of immediate care in the San Antonio, Florida, area, it is important that the center you choose provides a range of diagnostic services. At Fast Track Urgent Care Center, we not only provide convenient and affordable urgent care services, we are also equipped to perform a full range of diagnostic procedures such as mono testing, glucose testing, EKGs, X-rays, and more. This is important because many immediate care providers send patients to an off-site testing laboratory, imaging center, or even an emergency room, for testing, while we can perform the tests on site.

At Fast Track Urgent Care Center, your convenience is our priority. We provide immediate care for San Antonio, FL, residents from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, so you can find a time to visit that doesn’t conflict with your busy school or work schedule. Additionally, if your primary care physician is overbooked and you can’t get a timely appointment, we are available to provide comprehensive healthcare services. Our board-certified medical providers are committed to your care and can diagnose and treat a full range of non-life-threatening conditions for patients age three months or older, including ear infections, colds, rashes, minor lacerations, fractures, bronchitis, and more.

The immediate care services we offer for residents of the San Antonio, FL, area are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to use our Fast Pass system from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to sign in online and save on wait time. To learn more about the range of medical services we provide, contact us today.