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A Walk-In Clinic that Provides Comprehensive Service in the Carrollwood, FL, Area

Patients throughout the world have realized the advantages of walk-in clinics during the past few decades. In the past, a general practitioner’s office or a hospital would have been the first stop for people looking for healthcare services. However, these places are not nearly as easily accessible as walk-in clinics, frequently resulting in inefficient use of time and subpar care.

More extensive than ever, our walk-in clinics at Carrollwood now provide services catering to urgent and non-urgent care patients. Our group has listed a number of benefits that walk-in clinics can bring.

Services we offer at our Walk-In Clinic

Our clinic efficiently addresses a range of conditions including:

For severe illnesses, injuries, or symptoms that may be life-threatening, promptly visit an emergency room or dial 911. Walk-in clinics might lack the equipment needed for such emergencies.

Need urgent medical attention? Save time with our “On My Way” system and reduce your wait.

The advantages of walk-in clinics

Inexpensive medical care

The fact that our walk-in clinics are made to accommodate both insured and uninsured patients’ requirements is one of their major advantages. The upfront fees of walk-in clinic services are typically substantially less expensive than going to an emergency room or seeing a general practitioner. All of the major health insurance policies are accepted, and we make every effort to keep our services reasonably priced for our consumers.

Emergency care

Many individuals are unaware that walk-in clinics frequently provide a range of urgent care services thanks to the knowledge of highly qualified healthcare workers and specialized medical equipment. Patients can receive emergency services without rushing to the closest hospital and waiting in line.

Service coordination

Before receiving the care you require, you might be referred to a number of additional facilities when you visit your family doctor for a screening, test, or another health service. The patient must go around the city searching for testing services and medical care because many doctors lack access to an on-site lab or pharmacy.


Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at a medical facility and discovering that no one is available to discuss your health concerns with you or guide you through the necessary paperwork. In general practices and hospitals, each patient is frequently seen by just one person when they are checking in. You can always speak to someone if you’re unsure what to do next at a walk-in clinic because many more medical professionals are roaming the facility at any given moment.

Patient Disbursement

Instead of having everyone cram into the ER, urgent care centers have helped to offer more accessible access to care. This helps urgent care as well as the ER. Patients who genuinely require emergency care can be treated more quickly at an ER, while those who need immediate care but do not require emergency care will spend less time waiting. The most frequent problems in a walk-in clinic are sprains, infections, fever, and other minor ailments.

Quickness of Treatment

A patient typically stays in an urgent care facility for less than an hour. In comparison, you might wait an hour or longer in an ER waiting room before being seen. With such prompt service, patients can receive the necessary care without experiencing undue hardship. Today, four of every five urgent care facilities provide far quicker care than the emergency room for more serious injuries, including fractures.

High-quality care

Although a walk-in clinic may be quick and inexpensive, can it provide quality care? The immediate response is “yes”! Doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses with extensive experience are employed by urgent care facilities to treat patients. The staff can send you to the ER or recommend a doctor specializing in your condition if they believe they cannot give you the care you need. Choosing an urgent care facility doesn’t mean you must forgo obtaining quality care.

Come to us for assistance.

Visit our clinic at Carrollwood if you are experiencing a health issue. We can examine you, make a diagnosis, order the required tests, and decide what course of action is best for you. You will feel at ease since our doctors and nurses are sympathetic, meticulous, and kind.

TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track is the trusted choice for comprehensive medical care for residents of the Carrollwood, Florida, area who don’t want to endure a long wait at a hospital emergency room. Our board-certified medical providers see patients on a first-come, first-served basis, and most visits last between 30 and 60 minutes. We see patients ages six months and older at our family medical center, providing care for a full range of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

To learn more about the services we provide for residents of the Carrollwood, FL, area, click the links below:


Employer Solutions

Our goal is to provide exceptional patient care with a strong return-to-work philosophy. We can help you control your healthcare costs by reducing emergency room visits. We are here to give you and your employees a convenient, quality-focused choice for all your occupational health and work injury management needs.


Available Positions

  • X-Ray Tech
  • MA
  • LPN
  • NP/PA
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Admin Support and more!


Commitment to Responsible Prescribing Practices

We are committed to responsible antibiotic prescribing practices. Our goal is to adequately treat infections while protecting our community from the harmful effects of antibiotic resistant infections. TGH Urgent Care has earned the Antibiotic Stewardship Commendation Award from the Urgent Care Association due to our ongoing commitment to this goal.

Fast, quick, responsive, professional and courteous.

Melanie G.
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CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN and very friendly!!!

Rosaria F.
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The staff was wonderful, very caring and truly cared about how I was.

Brandy P.
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By far the nicest urgent care I've had the unfortunate opportunity to experience. The cleanliness and friendliness of this clinic are unmatched. - Sara S.

Sara S.
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The entire staff was so friendly & helpful. Our first visit here was quick, the office was very clean & they were great with my kids. We will be back for sure!

Sandra P.
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You dealt with my issue promptly and efficiently and i was on my way.

Stephen S.
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The wait was minimum and the PA was very understanding. The staff at the front desk could be a bit more friendly. Other than that, good overall experience.

Alexander C.
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