School Physicals Tampa

Where are School Physicals Offered in Tampa, FL?

If you need a walk in clinic that offers school physicals in Tampa, Florida, look no further than Fast Track Urgent Care Center. Not only do we offer comprehensive exams from a team of board-certified providers, but also service that is quick and conveniently suits your busy schedule.

Fast Track Urgent Care Center’s offices are open seven days a week from the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., so no matter what your schedule, it is easy to make an appointment at a time that works for you. Plus, the school physicals we offer are thorough because we provide a multitude of in-house diagnostic services, like lab draws and X-rays. This can save you a lot of time because you will not have to make an additional appointment at a diagnostic imaging center or laboratory.

Fast Track Urgent Care Center offers much more than convenient school physicals to busy families in Tampa, FL. In fact, we can treat a large variety of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses for patients over three months old. Fevers, sore throats, lacerations, and minor burns are only a sampling of the conditions we can handle at our facilities.

For school physicals from one of the most convenient healthcare centers in Tampa, FL, make an appointment or simply walk in at any time during our office hours. To decrease, or possibly eliminate, your wait time you can sign in online using our easy Fast Pass system.