After Hours Clinic

What is an After Hours Clinic?

While some primary care doctors will have extended or evening hours on special days, we are open in the evenings until 8 at night every day. We open early in the morning at 8 am. These convenient hours help patients get seen either before the day begins or after school or work.

Some offices will add extra hours to their regular schedules. At Fast Track Urgent Care Center we designed our practice around your schedule. We are open for you when your regular doctor can’t fit you in or if they have closed for the day.

By specializing in immediate care we have created a center from the ground up that is meant to have you treated quickly and on your way as efficiently as possible. The staff at our after hours clinic is familiar with the typical illnesses we see, and can often start testing for mono, strep, flu or UTI even before the doctor sees you. We can also provide diagnostic imaging services in-house, so you won’t have to visit another office for an X-ray or EKG.

We provide regular and after hours services to the greater Tampa area including Westchase, Carrollwood, Oldsmar and beyond. To be seen by one of our board-certified providers, stop by our South Tampa, West Chase, or Carrollwood after hours clinic. You can contact us for more information about our clinics and the services we provide.