After Hours Pediatric Care

Why Visit an After Hours Pediatric Care Clinic in Tampa, FL, Instead of the Emergency Room?

When parents need after hours pediatric care services in Tampa, Florida, many will turn to their local emergency room. After all, when their child becomes suddenly ill or injured, a parent’s first priority is to get him or her care as quickly as possible. In many situations, however, there may be a better alternative.

In cases of a serious injury or illness which may be life threatening or result in permanent impairment, visiting an emergency room in Tampa, FL, is certainly the correct decision. However, if your child is suffering from a non-emergency medical issue, such as a fever, strep throat, laceration, or minor burn, visiting an after hours pediatric care clinic is probably a wise decision. This is because clinics typically offer much shorter wait times and more affordable prices than the emergency room. Plus, you will be able to avoid exposing your child to a hospital waiting room, which is often filled with many seriously ill people.

Of course, you want to ensure that the clinic you choose can be trusted to provide your child with the highest quality care, which is why you should turn to Fast Track Urgent Care Center. Our board-certified medical professionals have experience treating children of all ages for a wide range of non-emergency maladies, and will provide your family with personalized care. And, because our office is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., you can visit us whenever the need arises.

At Fast Track Urgent Care Center in Tampa, FL, we never require an appointment for after hours pediatric care services. However, if you would like to potentially skip the wait in our lobby, sign in for your appointment now using our Fast Pass System.