Diagnostic Services Tampa FL

Are Diagnostic Services Offered at Health Clinics in Tampa, FL?

If you require diagnostic services, Fast Track Urgent Care Center in Tampa, Florida, offers the perfect solution. Rather than dealing with the hassle of making multiple appointments with a physician and diagnostic center, you can simply visit our facility and have it all taken care of in a single location.

At Fast Track Urgent Care Center, our diagnostic services are performed by experienced, board-certified medical professionals working with state-of-the-art equipment in a stress-free clinical environment. Whether you require an X-ray, EKG, lab draw, or another test, we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis. And, after receiving the results of your test, we can provide splinting, suturing, a medication prescription, or another corresponding treatment. Or, if you would prefer, we can simply follow up with your primary care doctor or specialist.

Furthermore, receiving diagnostic services at Fast Track Urgent Care Center is as convenient as possible. Our office is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., so you will not have to miss work or school for a diagnosis. We also keep our office fully staffed, which keeps appointment times short – typically only 30 to 60 minutes – so a visit with us will not mean an extended interruption to your day.

To learn more about the diagnostic services that we offer at Fast Track Urgent Care Center in Tampa, FL, contact us today. If you are planning to visit us, you can sign in now using our Fast Pass System and possibly skip the wait in our lobby.