Express Care Westchase

Which Express Care Clinic in Westchase, FL, Provides Truly Comprehensive Care?

When you seek the express care services at Fast Track Urgent Care Center in Westchase, Florida, you can trust that your examination will be performed by a board-certified provider with many years of experience. Our medical team is highly trained and capable of treating a wide range of injuries and illnesses. So whether you require treatment for an illness, such as a fever or sore throat, or even a minor surgery, such as laceration repair or splinting, our services are the ideal solution.

By visiting our express care facility when you are suffering from a non-life-threatening medical condition, you can avoid the high costs and long wait times that are typical of the emergency room. In fact, we can provide many of the same services as a hospital, including a variety of diagnostic tests, like X-rays and lab draws. This, combined with our short appointment times – typically just 30 to 60 minutes – makes us one of the most convenient and comprehensive healthcare options available in Westchase.

Another convenient feature of Fast Track Urgent Care Center is our extended office hours. You can visit our express care clinic from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. any day of the week. Do not worry about missing work or school to get quality treatment because you can simply visit us in the morning, evening, or even during your lunch break.

If you would like comprehensive care from compassionate medical professionals who are truly committed to your care, visit Fast Track Urgent Care Center today. By signing in for your appointment now using our Fast Pass System, you can reduce or eliminate your wait time in our express care center.