Health Care Center Westchase FL

Is There A Health Care Center in Westchase, FL, With Convenient Hours?

As the premier health care center serving the residents of Westchase, Florida, Fast Track Urgent Care Center is proud to provide top-notch medical services that are convenient and affordable. We offer the ideal alternative to the emergency room when you or a loved one is suffering from a non-life-threatening injury or illness because we offer many similar services, shorter wait times, and fair, straightforward pricing. So, when you require treatment for a condition, such as a bone fracture, minor burn, fever, or sinus infection, and cannot get an appointment at a convenient time with your regular doctor, visit Fast Track Urgent Care Center to receive the high quality and compassionate treatment that you deserve.

As part of our effort to provide the residents of Westhcase, FL, with a convenient health care solution, we hold extended hours every day of the year. You can visit us, with or without an appointment, any day of the week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., which means you will not have to miss work or school to get the care your require. Plus, we offer diagnostic services at our health care center, such as X-rays and lab draws, which will save you from having to keep an additional appointment at an imaging facility or lab to receive an accurate diagnosis.

If you or one of your loved ones is suffering from a non-emergency condition, visit Fast Track Urgent Care Center in Westchase, FL, today. If you would like to potentially reduce or eliminate your wait time at our health care center, sign in for your appointment now using our Fast Pass System.